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Building an inclusive community in modern events

Wednesday, August 24, 2022, 11:00 AM GMT+08:00


Event Overview

The last two years have forced a major shift in the events industry in terms of how events are being run – with many making the necessary pivot towards digitalising their companies and events approach. This has inadvertently created a question of whether our sector is doing enough to improve the levels of inclusivity for all communities – whether we are keeping things accessible for them. 

What is accessibility? What is inclusivity? Accessibility involves designing systems to allow ease of entry; while being inclusive encompasses giving everyone equal access and opportunities wherever possible. 

The event aims to hold deeper discussions and spark conversations on inclusivity within Singapore and the APAC region – to create equal access for all regardless of the circumstances they face during physical or virtual events. 

Join us on 24 August as we learn in details the various struggles faced by attendees when attending events and find out some solutions to help enhance their event experience.

Event Title: Building an Inclusive Community in Modern Events

Date – 24 August 2022
Time – 11am-12:30pm 
Venue – 991D Alexandra Rd, #02-15,
Singapore 119972 Now Comms Asia



Inclusive Community for Modern Events


Andrew McArthur-Edwards, Group CEO, Now Comms Asia (Moderator)

As the founder of a regional Integrated Marketing Agency, Andrew has always been a strong advocate for inclusivity – building a highly eclectic team that boasts varied backgrounds. He believes that in a world filled with diversity, we should be embracing it – events should not discriminate, they should be open to all for who they are relevant to.

Matthew Hardman, APAC Chief Technology Officer, Microsoft

As a technologist, Matthew believes in the endless possibilities that humanity can achieve by unifying people-centric ideas with cutting edge technology. In his 20+ year career, he has had the opportunity to build and design high performance teams while launching some of the world’s biggest product to market. Matthew is currently leading a project within Microsoft on Technology for People with Disabilities, and he believes accountability for accessibility and inclusivity belongs to us all. Creating an environment that is open for all to benefit from and contribute to, ultimately will benefit us all as a society.

Josh Tseng, Digital Accessibility Specialist

As a person with vision impairment, Josh believes that spaces that are accessible and inclusive means people with disabilities can feel included. It’s a cause that is close to his heart and over the years, he has had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects – from designing the framework of coding curriculum to launching social initiatives to teach the blind like himself how to cook. 

Josh’s story has been featured on media platforms like of CNA, The Straits Times, Today, Lianhe Zaobao, and more. He is optimistic that we can all build a better future for everyone.

Sirithorn Jaengjai (Nui), Managing Director, Now Comms Asia Thailand

As a seasoned events practitioner of over 20 years, Nui is a Thai native speaker that used to attend physical events with language barriers – this was before she could understand English. She understands the struggle of not being able to understand what is being shared, so now that she is fluent with the language, she hopes to ensure that fellow non-native English speakers attending global events can continue to do so without restrictions.

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