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Budgeting for Hybrid Events

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6 Strategies to Market Hybrid Events to Virtual and Live Attendees

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What to Do When Online Outages Hit Your Events

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How Can You Improve Lead Generation at Virtual Events?

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How to Set Virtual Event Speakers Up for Success

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How WFH Will Challenge Event Planners

Long known as a people-centered job, interpersonal skills are considered a prerequisite quality every event planner must-have. So how do professionals who thrive in this kind of environment fare when faced with a remote working arrangement? Covid-19 has brought forth … Read More

ST Engineering InnovD Showcase

Today, the need for digitalisation and innovation to transform the way we operate is more urgent than ever. This sentence is applicable across every industry – including the events sector. Which is why we are immensely proud of how we … Read More

Are Virtual Events Just for Brand Awareness?

With vaccines rolling out and becoming increasingly accessible to citizens, live events grow more viable by the day. At the same time, tech adoption rates have never been higher, and providers are looking towards longer-term engagement. How will these different … Read More

Easy Tips To Get More People To Your Webinar

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4 Stats that show how events will evolve in 2021

In 2020, the events industry was dealt a massive blow – companies with an entire year’s worth of events had to venture into uncharted territories, making incredibly difficult decisions about whether to cancel, postpone, or adopt a virtual or hybrid … Read More