5 Ways to Engage Virtual Audiences For Maximum Impact

Audience engagement has always been the top priority and the biggest challenge for event organisers, regardless of the event type. But engaging virtual audiences has always proved to be a concern, especially since the stakes are higher for most. With more opportunities for distractions and flexibility to exit the event, organisers sure have their work cut out for them in planning a successful strategy to engage virtual audiences.

Here are five of our recommendations for you to engage virtual audiences for maximum impact.

1. Compelling Content

Your content matters in how you engage with your audiences; it is why your attendees sign up in the first place! Make your content a valuable part of your event experience by thinking outside the box in terms of presentation and delivery. Don’t be afraid to switch it up with pre-recorded sessions, interactive elements such as polls or Q&As, and stunning visuals that switch your attendees into participants.

2. Keep It Short

According to statistics, online event attendees watch 68% of a session longer than 20-minutes, on average.

It’s no secret that your audience’s attention span would be much shorter online. The good news is that with lesser logistical issues to navigate on a virtual platform, it would be easier for you to plan and segment your session content to match up to the attention span of your audience. We recommend breaking each session into segments no longer than 20 minutes—you’d be doing yourself and your attendees a massive favour by making it concise and easy to digest!

3. Encourage Connections Building

Networking is still a huge part of every event. As an organiser, you must provide opportunities for your audiences to network and make it easy for participants to connect. One way to do so is to use social media or event software to create a dedicated group for your attendees. This way, you get to extend your event’s movement while keeping the conversation going about your brand and topics of interest.

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4. Reward Your Participants

Engage virtual audiences by providing them with physical or virtual incentives for signing up or being part of your event. Think free product trials, discount vouchers, e-memberships and more. This would be your chance to personalise the experience for your participants with individual printed cards, agenda, event information, etc.

This approach can go a long way toward adding value for your audiences as they get to enjoy exclusive privileges for being a part of your session. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that your event will be the talk of the town—at least for a while!

5. Production Value Matters  

Let’s be honest—presentation is crucial. A big reason online events fall short is that they’re too two-dimensional and messy. The 4K cameras, lighting, and location add to your production value by giving your event a polished look and feel. In turn, audiences would be more captivated and engaged as they take in an elevated virtual experience.

This can be hard to achieve on platforms like Zoom and Webex, which is why it’s worth investing in event software such as VUE from NowEvents. With creative use of technology such as graphics, audio,video transition, and other innovative virtual solutions, you’ll be creating a seamless event experience for your remote participants.

VUE from NowEvents has plenty of interactive features that you need to help you engage virtual audiences and make your virtual and hybrid events a success. Book a free demo with us today or try out our free plan!